CSR:Environmental Initiatives

1.Corporate Social Responsibility

Kissei’s management philosophy is “contributing to society through high-quality, innovative pharmaceutical products” and “serving society through our employees.” This philosophy has served as the starting point for our CSR-centered management since Kissei was founded. In addition to maintaining systems to promote CSR throughout the Kissei Group, we are broadening the scope of our CSR initiatives.

(1) Basic Philosophy

As a drug discovery and R&D-oriented company that is always “Looking Towards Tomorrow’s Health,” and aims to help people worldwide, Kissei will actively work to preserve the environment as part of its corporate social responsibility and contribute to creating an affluent and comfortable society.

(2) Basic Policy

①We (Kissei) will promote activities to reduce environmental burdens, and evaluate the various effects on the environment through a series of corporate activities such as research, development, production, distribution, sales, usage, and disposal of the products.

②We (Kissei) will set environmental objectives and targets regarding global environmental conservation efforts, and periodically revise our objectives, seeking to improve continually.

③We (Kissei) will actively promote saving energy, saving resources, waste reduction, and recycling, and we will strive to reduce environmental burdens and prevent pollution.

④We (Kissei) will comply with environmental laws, regulations, agreements, and other requirements to which the company has agreed, and we will endeavor to conserve the environment by setting our own standards.

⑤Every individual employee will aim to heighten consciousness and improve ethics through environmental education, and we (Kissei) will aggressively promote activities for the prevention of environmental pollution.

⑥We (Kissei) take global environmental issues seriously, so all Kissei group companies will strive to protect the environment.

2.Consideration for the Environment

Adhering to the above-mentioned policy, we (Kissei) are working to reduce energy use and CO2 emissions throughout the organization. In FY2014, energy use (crude oil equivalent) increased by 0.3% year-on-year, and CO2 emissions increased by 0.4% (primarily due to the expansion of laboratory facilities).
Moreover, Kissei’s environmental management promotes ISO14001– compliant environmental management systems as a basic policy, and we have received ISO14001 accreditation for environmental management systems at all our facilities. In addition, each facility has a designated person responsible for environmental management to advance environmental protection activities.
Further, in March 2015, Toxicological Laboratories, a safety research facility, received full accreditation from the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International (AAALAC International) for operating using international standards for humane animal testing.