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R&D Pipeline (In-House)

As of February 2014
Product name /
Generic name /
Development Code
Approved SAVENE® /
In-licensed /
Norgine B.V.
(The Netherlands)
Anthracycline extravasation
- Catalytic inhibitor of topoisomerase Ⅱ-
NDA Salagen® /
Kissei Dry mouth
- Additional dosage form: Granule form -
Phase III PA21 In-licensed /
Vifor Pharma(Switzerland)
Hyperphosphatemia in hemodialysis patients
- Phosphate binder -
Phase III KPS-0373 In-licensed / Shionogi(Japan) Spinocerebellar ataxia
- Product mimetic of TRH action -
Phase II Ozagrel /
Kissei / Co-development with Teika (Japan) Dry-eye
- Restoration of corneal and conjunctival epithelium -
Phase II KLH-2109 Kissei Endometriosis / uterine fibroids
- GnRH antagonist -
Phase II KWA-0711 Kissei Chronic constipation
- Inhibitor of water absorption in the gastrointestinal tract -
Phase I / II YS110 In-licensed / Y's AC, University of Tokyo, JST (Japan) Malignant mesothelioma
- Humanized anti-CD26 monoclonal antibody -
Phase I KUX-1151 Kissei Gout and hyperuricemia
- Decrease formation of uric acid -
- Uricosuric effect -
Phase I Epoetin alfa BS injection [JCR] /
In-licensed / Co-development with JCR Pharmaceuticals (Japan) Renal anemia and autologous blood transfusion
- Increase the red blood cell (RBC) count -
Phase I Urief® /
Kissei / Co-development with Daiichi Sankyo (Japan) Dysuria associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia
- Alpha 1A antagonist -
- Additional dosage form: oral disintegration tablet -
Phase I KEA-0477 Kissei / Co-development with Kyorin (Japan) Overactive bladder
- Selective prostaglandin EP1 receptor antagonist -

R&D Pipeline (Out-Licensing)

As of February 2014
Development Stage Generic Name / Development Code Development
Territory Therapeutic Target
NDA Mitiglinide Eisai
ASEAN ※1 Type 2 diabetes mellitus
NDA Silodosin Eisai
ASEAN, India, SriLanka ※2 Dysuria associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia
Phase II Bedoradrine MediciNova
Worldwide, except for Japan Acute exacerbation of asthma /
Preterm labor
Phase I Bedoradrine MediciNova
Worldwide, except for Japan COPD

※1: Launched in Thailand, Approved in Philippines and NDA in 4 countries
※2: Approved in Thailand, India, NDA in 3 ASEAN countries

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