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Contribute to the health of people around the world through innovative pharmaceutical products.

The principal mission of pharmaceutical companies is to create new drugs that meet the needs of patients. While brilliant progress has been made in medical and pharmaceutical sciences recently, treatments have yet to be established for many illnesses. The roles that R&D-oriented pharmaceutical company are expected to fulfill will become increasingly significant.

“For patients.” Considering this primary goal, we at Kissei have been committed to the development of new pharmaceutical products since our establishment in 1946. Focused on research and development under our philosophy that “pharmaceutical company cannot exist without R&D,” we are continuously addressing the challenges to provide novel drugs to the world.

As a deeply R&D-oriented company, we have invested in R&D profits gained through domestic and global sales of our highly innovative products. This investment allows us to challenge the development of new drugs for future generations. In order to improve the quality of life for the patients suffering from renal diseases, we are also committed to the nutritional business to develop and market special therapeutic food products.

Our self-imposed mission is to continue creative challenges in order to provide new drugs and bring smiles and happiness to the lives of patients. We are also determined to improve our corporate values and fulfill our social responsibilities, placing great importance on compliance. We ask for your continued understanding to assist us in reaching our goals.