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Sustainability Management

Basic Stance on Sustainability

Kissei Pharmaceutical leverages its business activities to support the health of people around the world, resolve environmental and social issues, and promote environment conservation, drawing inspiration from its Management Philosophy to “contribute to society through highquality, innovative pharmaceutical products” and “serve society through our employees.” These efforts serve to realize a sustainable society while also increasing corporate value.

● We will contribute to the health and medical care of people around the world through innovative products (drugs and foods), which we will develop and provide to achieve these goals.

● We understand that environmental issues are shared by all humankind, and therefore dedicate ourselves to voluntarily and actively engaging in activities that protect the environment, whether in the form of climate change countermeasures or otherwise.

● We will respect the human rights of all people involved in our business activities, and strive to create a rewarding workplace that respects the diversity, personality, and individuality of our employees.

● We will strengthen and enhance corporate governance, maintain fair and good relationships with stakeholders, and increase sustainable corporate value through highly ethical, transparent, and fair corporate activities.

Value Creation Process

Sustainability Promotion System

Kissei’s sustainability activities are mainly promoted by the Sustainability Promotion Committee. The committee, which is chaired by a director well-versed in sustainability-related issues, is integrated into to the Company’s corporate governance system, along with the Risk Management Committee and the Compliance Committee, all of which work closely with the Board of Directors as advisory bodies.
Specifically, the Sustainability Promotion Committees formulates various policies for sustainability-related issues and promotes these policies in cooperation with related departments.

Risk Management

As part of its Risk Management Regulations, Kissei Pharmaceutical established the Basic Risk Management Policy and a risk management system. In addition, the Company established the Risk Management Committee, which serves as an advisory body to the Board of Directors. Under the guidance of this committee, the Kissei Group put a management system in place to prevent the occurrence of possible risks and monitors its progress.
Risks related to sustainability have also been positioned as important management risks, and the risks identified and assessed within Sustainability framework are reviewed at least once a year for their impact on business activities. When risks have a relatively large impact on business activities, we prioritize them in terms of cost effectiveness and degree of urgency, then investigate and implement countermeasures.
The Sustainability Promotion Committee will discuss and report on the management status of these risks to the Board of Directors, and will also report to the Risk Management Committee, an advisory body to the Board of Directors, to integrate and promote comprehensive Companywide risk management.