Consideration for Employees

Our Stance on Human Resources

We are taking steps to cultivate human resources and create an environment where our diverse employees can display their skills to their utmost based on the basic stance that intellectual stimulation results from mutual respect for a variety of mindsets and values, inciting creativity and dynamism in the Company. As part of our continued efforts to establish a working environment that encompasses employment, labor conditions, and human resources management, we have adopted a multi-selective human resources system that gives consideration to our employees’ aptitudes and life plans. In addition, we are introducing multiple flexible working styles to our departments, such as flextime and deemed working hours, to allow a variety of personnel to work to their fullest capability. We are also aiming to introduce a post-retirement re-employment system as a way to allow many employees to utilize the experience, skills, and knowledge they have acquired over their careers after they retire.

Cultivating the Next Generation

Kissei is a company that enables employees to balance work and home life, including childcare, and by creating an environment that is easy for all employees to work in, they are able to demonstrate their full potential. Kissei is making every effort to establish this type of work environment.

These efforts were evaluated and recognized in 2008, 2011, and 2015 with certification (Kurumin) as a standards-compliant general business owner based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children.* Furthermore, in 2017 Kissei was granted special certification (Platinum Kurumin) in recognition of reaching an even higher standard in providing exemplary childcare support.

Promoting Work-Life Balance

To promote the usage of annual paid leave, Kissei Pharmaceutical has established a systematic paid leave usage system, which covers an annual Companywide leave period of two days and a leave period of three days for commemorative occasions, such as wedding anniversaries and birthdays. To reduce overtime work, head offices and laboratories have set every Wednesday and salary payment day as “no-overtime” days, while sales branches and offices promote days without out-of office travel and salary payment days as days to go home on time. These initiatives to reduce overtime work and improve efficiency are part of our constant effort to promote a work-life balance.

Promoting the Success of Women

Kissei has formulated its General Employers Action Plan based on the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace. We are working to further develop our infrastructure so that women are able to fully express their individuality and ability in their professional careers and see success in the workplace.

< Major Initiatives >

• Increase the number of women who want to join the company by actively publicizing that we maintain a workplace where women play an active role

• Promote a system of reduced working hours for female MRs returning to work from childcare leave

Occupational Health and Safety

In addition to complying with the Industrial Safety and Health Act and other related laws and regulations as well as in-Company work regulations, Kissei implements health and safety measures guided by the Environment, Health, and Safety Committee, an inhouse organization, to ensure a safe, secure, and reliable workplace environment for its employees.

Health and safety initiatives are implemented at head offices, plants, and laboratories, led by the Subcommittee for Health and Safety at each location. These initiatives include efforts to maintain a safe workplace environment through safety training for new employees, regular patrols, and recording metrics of the work environment in addition to basic first-aid training and efforts to impart safety information, such as posting internal newsletters and in-Company posters. The minutes of Subcommittee for Health and Safety meetings are posted on the Company intranet and are available to all employees.

Promoting Health Management

1. Enactment of the Kissei Pharmaceutical Health Declaration

To realize the goals stated in our Management Philosophy and Code of Conduct, Kissei established the Kissei Pharmaceutical Health Declaration in April 2017, based on the belief that each and every employee must be healthy in both mind and body.

Kissei Health Declaration

Enacted on April 1, 2017

  • We will contribute to the health and medical care of people around the world by providing ethical drugs and other high-quality, innovative pharmaceutical products. (From the Kissei Code of Conduct)
  • To that end, each and every employee must be healthy in both mind and body.
    Kissei strives to maintain and enhance the health of employees and their families while instilling a sense of purpose and drive. At the same time, we aim to create a healthy and vibrant workplace environment where each and every employee is able to reach their full potential.
  • - The Company and the health insurance society recognize the health problems of employees as important management issues and will therefore provide opportunities for employees to maintain and improve the health of their minds and bodies and create a workplace that is both healthy and easy to work in. We will actively engage in harmony (work-life balance) between Company life and the personal lives of our employees.
  • - Employees recognize the importance of self-care in terms of managing their own health and will create healthy bodies and minds by actively maintaining and promoting their own health.

2. Recognized under the 2022 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program (Large Enterprise Category)

Kissei Pharmaceutical makes efforts to promote health management with the goal of creating a workplace where Kissei works closely with the Kissei Group Health Insurance Society, while striving to maintain and improve the health of employees and their families and to promote health management, the goal of which is to establish a workplace that is both healthy and vital and where employees can put their abilities on full display with a feeling of purpose and drive. In recognition of these efforts, Kissei Pharmaceutical was certified as a 2022 Organization with Outstanding Health & Productivity Management (Large Enterprise Category) in March 2022.

< Health Management Promotion System >

The Department Manager of the Human Resources Department has been appointed as the General Manager in Charge of Health Promotion, and the Subcommittee for Health and Productivity Management has been established to further promote drafting and the implementation of measures as well as verifying their effects.

< Major Health Management Initiatives >

• Medical testing exceeding legal requirements and subsidization of cancer screening and other testing costs in cooperation with the Kissei Health Insurance Society

• Stress checks for all business establishments, including those with fewer than 50 employees

• Healthy menus provided at employee cafeterias, etc.