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Our Business

Pharmaceuticals〈R&D, manufacture and sales of pharmaceutical products〉

Approaching R&D with Passion and Creativity

“Pharmaceutical company cannot exist without R&D.” These words have been passed down at Kissei ever since the company was founded. They show that R&D is an essential and central part of our work, The phrase also expresses the passion of each and every Kissei employee for the development of new innovative drugs, in the hope that those drugs will help as many people as possible recover as quickly as possible from disease and live lives full of laughter and joy.
We aim to develop and supply innovative pharmaceutical products that contribute to the improvement of medicine and the health of people around the world by aggressive incorporation of leading-edge technology and collaborations with our foreign and domestic partners.

Therapeutic and care foods〈Development and sales of therapeutic and care foods〉

Kissei’s Technology at the Kitchen Table

We develop and sell various food products, such as protein controlled foods and energy supply foods, so that people who have restricted dietary habits, such as the elderly and patients suffering from renal diseases, will feel comforted by our foods and be able to enjoy eating them. By leveraging the technology
and development knowhow cultivated over many years in the pharmaceutical business, we are creating food products that are tasty, nutritionally balanced, easy to eat, and appropriate to a therapeutic diet.

Medium-term Management Plan