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Personal Information Protection Initiatives
Kissei Personal Information Protection Policy

KISSEI PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD., Kissei Shoji Co., Ltd., KISSEI COMTEC CO., LTD., HASHIBA TECHNOS CO., LTD., KISSEI AMERICA, INC. (collectively, “Kissei”) respect the dignity of individuals and basic human rights. Kissei has established and implements the following policy concerning the Protection of Personal Information with respect to personal information handled in the course of our business activities, in compliance with the provisions of laws and regulations and internal rules, to appropriately manage and protect such personal information, for the purpose of providing and improving reliable services to patients, customers, business partners, shareholders and other stakeholders, as well as our officers and employees.

Clarification of Purpose of Use

1. Kissei shall clarify the purpose of use so persons who have been informed of the purpose of use of their personal information can easily determine whether individual handling is within the scope of the purpose of use.

Proper Acquisition

2. Kissei shall acquire personal information using lawful and fair means and procedures, in compliance with laws and regulations, this Policy, and other internal rules.

Prohibition of Use Other Than for the Purpose of Use

3. Kissei shall not use personal information we acquire other than for the purpose of use, without the consent of the individual concerned or unless use is in accordance with laws and regulations.

Ensuring Accuracy

4. Kissei shall endeavor to maintain personal information we retain to be accurate, complete, and up-to-date for the purpose of use.

Security Controls

5. When using and managing personal information, Kissei shall take necessary and up-to-date measures that we consider to be reasonably necessary for organizational, personnel, physical, and technical security controls, in accordance with the laws and regulations, this Policy, and other internal rules, to ensure that personal information is not leaked, lost, or damaged.

Provision to Third Parties

6. Unless stipulated in laws and regulations, Kissei shall not provide personal information to third parties without prior consent from the individual concerned. When outsourcing the handling of personal information to a third party to achieve a purpose of use, we shall properly supervise the contractor in accordance with laws and regulations.

Shared Use

7. Kissei may share personal information we acquire with third parties, in accordance with laws and regulations.
KISSEI PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. shall be responsible for shared use by departments in charge at each group company, of each group company’s necessary personal data, within the scope of the purposes of use separately determined by Kissei.

Transfer Overseas

8. When transferring personal information outside of Japan, or from a specific country to a third country, Kissei shall handle personal information in a manner that ensures it is managed in accordance with the laws and regulations of Japan.


9. Kissei shall place personal information we retain in a state in which the individual concerned may confirm the existence of such personal information and the purpose of use.

Requests from Individuals Concerned

10. Kissei shall establish appropriate procedures and respond in good faith to requests from the individual concerned, including, but not limited to, requests to disclose, correct, or suspend use of their personal information we retain.

Administrator Responsibilities

11. Kissei execute our responsibilities in a manner that ensures that the use and protection of personal information is conducted appropriately, in compliance with laws and regulations, this Policy and other internal rules.

Enacted: December 1, 2004
Revised: April 1, 2022