Privacy Policy

Kissei Pharmaceutical has established and implements the following policy concerning the Protection of Personal Information with respect to personal information handled in the course of our business activities, in compliance with the provisions of laws and regulations and internal rules, to appropriately manage and protect such personal information, for the purpose of providing and improving reliable services to patients, customers, business partners, shareholders and other stakeholders, as well as our officers and employees.

1. Clarification of Purpose of Use

We shall clarify the purpose of use so persons who have been informed of the prescribed purpose of use can easily determine whether the individual handling of the personal information is within the scope of the purpose of use.

2. Restrictions on Collection

We shall use fair means and procedures when collecting personal information, in compliance with laws and regulations, security policies, and internal rules.

3. Prohibition of Use Other Than for the Purpose of Use

We shall not use personal information without the consent of the individual concerned, unless in accordance with laws and regulations.

4. Ensuring Accuracy

We shall endeavor to maintain the personal information we retain to be accurate, complete, and up-to-date for the purpose of use.

5. Security Controls

We shall take necessary security control measures, in accordance with laws and regulations, security policies, and internal rules to ensure that personal information is not leaked, lost or damaged during use or management.

6. Disclosure

We shall place personal information we retain in a state in which the individual concerned may confirm the existence of such personal information and the purpose of use.

7. Requests from Individuals Concerned

We shall establish appropriate procedures and shall respond in good faith to requests from the individual concerned, including, but not limited to, requests to disclose, correct, or suspend use of their personal information we retain.

8. Administrator Responsibilities

Our administrator shall execute his or her responsibilities in compliance with laws and regulations, and internal rules, including this Privacy Policy.

Enacted: December 1, 2004

Handling of Personal Information

Some of our services (surveys, email membership registration, mail order) may ask for users’ personal information when using our website. We respect and actively work to protect personal information.

1. Collecting Personal Information

We will always clearly state the purpose and means for collecting users’ personal information. Furthermore, we will not collect personal information without permission from users. We may ask for users’ personal information to plan, survey, send prizes, register members on our website, and improve our services.

2. Disclosure of Personal Information

We will not, as a rule, disclose registered personal information to third parties other than our group companies. We may inform companies we have entrusted to dispatch prizes of the names and contact details of prize winners (users).

When a user purchases our products through our website, we disclose the minimum necessary personal information, such as the user’s mailing address, to necessary related parties in order to dispatch the purchased products and settle payment.

3. Use of Personal Information

The personal information we collect will be used to improve our services in the future.

We may provide statistical data (such as the percentage of male or female users), having removed personal information, as reference materials to our business partners. However we will not provide users’ personal information as-is to third parties other than our group companies. Furthermore, we may send users (who have given prior consent), by direct mail, information we believe will be beneficial to users, such as information on future product and events. Users can opt-out of receiving direct mail if they think it to be unnecessary.

Statistical data compiled from personal information, access logs and survey results on customers registered as internet mail order members will be used in our corporate activities, including provision as marketing data to third parties other than our group companies and our website user trend surveys.

However, statistical data on members does not enable individual members to be identified.

4. Changing and Deleting Personal Information

Users can use the following forms to undertake procedures when wishing to change or delete personal information used for our services, including, but not limited to our email service.

(Download Form)


5. Personal Information Registered in Our Direct Mail Service

6. Cookies

We may use cookies to make our services more convenient for users who visit our website. Cookies are a text file (code) sent from a server to users’ computers when users visit our website. Cookies enable us to recognize users’ computers when they visit our site again, and enables us to provide a more convenient service.

We aim to use cookies:

・ to improve and seek out better services,

・ to enables users to access our services in a congenial environment.

We do not use cookies for any other purpose.

The cookies we send contain encrypted membership IDs, but do not contain information that identifies individual users such as names. Users can alter their browser settings to choose whether or not to accept cookies. Users can view almost all of our content without accepting cookies, but some of our services may not function properly. We do not having any control over cookies sent from websites other than our website.

7. Notes

Please note that the handling of personal information on our website is subject to change without notice.