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About R&D

Health and happiness are common desires of people around the world.

We at Kissei have met the challenge of developing innovative new drugs that can contribute to the health of people around the world under the management philosophy of "making a social contribution through high-quality, innovative pharmaceutical products" and "serving society through the members who constitute the company."
"Pharmaceutical companies cannot exist without R&D." These words have been passed on at Kissei ever since it was founded. In addition to demonstrating that R&D is the vital core of the company, we convey the ardor and passion of each and every employee towards the creation of new drugs in the hope that new drugs will allow as many people as possible to recover from illness as soon as possible, to lead lives filled with laughter and joy.
The brilliant progress of the life sciences has contributed immeasurably to the health and happiness of mankind. Yet there remain many illnesses for which treatments have yet to be established and illnesses for which no satisfactory treatments exist, and highly useful, new drugs are sought.
We at Kissei will continue to constantly incorporate the progress made in the field of the life sciences, strengthening our R&D activities to meet the challenges of developing new drugs, and providing superior drugs to people throughout the world as the fruits of our innovations.

We are focusing on the following key areas: urology, renal diseases and dialysis, rare and intractable diseases. We concentrate our investment of management resources into these areas, and are working actively on the creation of pharmaceuticals with high originality and competitive advantage.
In addition, in the field of in-house drug discovery, we focus on small molecule pharmaceuticals discovery and strive to enhance our capabilities in compound creation and evaluation techniques, aiming to create innovative and useful new drugs that can take advantage of the strengths.
We leverage open innovation and digital technologies, including AI, to pursue the speed and quality of our drug discovery research.

The highly selective α1A adrenocepter antagonist "Silodosin" has been shown to be effective even from the early stages of treatment in improving dysuria associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia.
This new drug is expected to contribute to improvement of the QOL of the patients, and is currently on sale in Japan, USA, Europe, etc.
With the hope that new drugs from Kissei will be made available to patients around the world, our researchers continue to conduct research into new drugs with passion.