Environmental Initiatives

As stated in the Kissei Code of Conduct, which is based on the Group’s Management Philosophy, the Group recognizes the importance of environmental problems and will voluntarily and proactively work toward its conservation. Drawing from this resolution, Kissei Pharmaceutical has determined its Basic Environmental Policy and, based on this policy, works actively and continuously to incorporate environmental conservation in all its corporate activities while reducing the environmental impact of those activities.

Basic Environmental Policy

1. Basic Philosophy

As a drug discovery and R&D-oriented company that is always “Looking Towards Tomorrow’s Health,” and aims to help people worldwide, Kissei will actively work to preserve the environment as part of its corporate social responsibility and contribute to creating an affluent and comfortable society.

2. Basic Policy

(1) We (Kissei) will promote activities to reduce environmental burdens, and evaluate the various effects on the environment through a series of corporate activities such as research, development, production, distribution, sales, usage, and disposal of the products.

(2) We (Kissei) will set environmental objectives and targets regarding global environmental conservation efforts, and periodically revise our objectives, seeking to improve continually.

(3) We (Kissei) will actively promote saving energy, saving resources, waste reduction, and recycling, and we will strive to reduce environmental burdens and prevent pollution.

(4) We (Kissei) will comply with environmental laws, regulations, agreements, and other requirements to which the company has agreed, and we will endeavor to conserve the environment by setting our own standards.

(5) Every individual employee will aim to heighten consciousness and improve ethics through environmental education, and we (Kissei) will aggressively promote activities for the prevention of environmental pollution.

(6) We (Kissei) take global environmental issues seriously, so all Kissei group companies will strive to protect the environment.

Environmental Management System

Kissei promotes environmental management based on the ISO 14001 standards for environmental management systems. The various plants and laboratories of Kissei Pharmaceutical and Group companies KISSEI COMTEC CO., LTD., and HASHIBA TECHNOS CO., LTD., acquired ISO 14001 certification between 2000 to 2007 and then transitioned to the ISO 14001: 2015 standard from 2017 to 2018.

ISO 14001 Certification Status

Kissei Pharmaceutical Month of Acquisition Transition to 2015 Standard
Head Office / Matsumoto Plants September 2000 September 2018
Shiojiri Plants September 2000 September 2018
Nutritional Business Center September 2000 September 2018
Second Research Laboratories September 2006 September 2018
Tokyo Head Office,
Tokyo Head Office (Koishikawa)
September 2006 September 2018
Central Research Laboratories September 2007 September 2018
Group Company Month of Acquisition Transition to 2015 Standard
KISSEI COMTEC CO., LTD. June 2002 November 2017
Head Office
Facility Management Headquarters
(shared with Kissei Pharmaceutical)
February 2002
September 2000
February 2018
September 2018